1. Choose the type of insurance product you want.
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        2. Fill in the Consultation field
        3. Select the type of insurance you want (General Insurance, Health Insurance or Wellness Program).
        4. We will contact you for consultation and provide the best insurance options
        5. Once Insurance is ready, you can proceed to premium payment.
  1. Insurance will provide a Virtual Account from the bank
  2. Please come to the ATM and press “Pay” and “Virtual account”
  3. Enter your virtual account number combination
  4. The bill amount will be shown on the screen.
  5. Press “pay”
  6. Payment is complete
  1. Claim Submission Process
    Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker Indonesia is ready to assist your claim process. Just include the following documents
    a. Policy Number
    b. Policy holder name
    c. Car License Plate (if the car insurance product)
    The document can be sent via e-mail with the title format:
    [Claim] Full Name # Policy Number
    Send to :
    – General Insurance :
    – Health Insurance & Wellness Program :
    In addition, you can use Ttibi’s customer service by contacting
    a. Phone: (021) 5704704
    b. E-mail :
  2. The claim has been received by Ttibi
    After the reporting process is complete, Ttibi will immediately process and contact you regarding the claim you submitted. Please note that claims cannot be made if the documents are incomplete. Therefore Ttibi will assist you in checking the claim documents. Furthermore, Ttibi will take care of the next claim process. So you don’t have to bother calling the insurance again to make a claim. All processes will be assisted by Ttibi.
  3. Ttibi helps you in following up the status of your claim submission
    Ttibi will periodically contact the insurance regarding the claim submission process that occurs. Until the claim submission status is known to be accepted or rejected.
  4. Claims granted
    If there is nothing burdensome, the insurance will grant your claim. Then you only need to wait until the replacement money is sent or if it is in the form of a vehicle until the vehicle is replaced. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service


Car Insurance

Car insurance is a special type of vehicle insurance, where the risks that may occur in the vehicle are transferred to the insurance company.

  1. Comprehensive
    Guarantee for partial or complete loss / damage to the vehicle due to fire, evil deeds, falling objects, theft, seizure, collision, collision or other traffic accidents. (referring to PSAKBI) Maximum age of the vehicle is 8 years.
  2. Total Loss Only
    Guarantee for loss of vehicle due to theft, seizure, evil deeds or damage to the vehicle above 75% of the price of the vehicle.
  3. Expansion of Insurance Coverage
    Guarantee for risks caused by nature (tsunami, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, storm, landslide) as well as due to riots, riots and terrorism. Expansion of the guarantee is needed to guarantee this risk by adding a premium in accordance with the agreement made.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that aims to provide protection while you are traveling. Travel insurance has recently been quite popular among the public and is flexible compared to other types of insurance. Travel insurance is commonly used for people whose hobby of traveling or work requires them to travel to several places.

Before planning a trip, we usually prepare important things such as booking airplane tickets, leave permits, booking hotels, managing passports and visas and registering for travel insurance. Travel insurance is used for emergency purposes when when traveling abroad things happen to you that are not desirable. This insurance is very important to pay attention to so that your trip can feel more comfortable.

Before choosing travel insurance, you should consider the following:

  1. Accident
    In the event of an accident, there will be protection that can be provided by travel insurance. Generally, the category of accidents that are guaranteed is an accident that causes the participant to be permanently disabled, completely disabled or death.
  2. Treatment
    When we fall sick on the way and need to seek treatment immediately, the cost of treatment will be covered by insurance. Of course this is very useful, especially when we visit a new place and it costs a lot.
  3. Lost Items
    Our luggage could be lost because it was stolen on the way. Travel insurance will cover the risk of loss. This also includes damage and loss of belongings while at the airport.
  4. Repatriation of the body
    When a death occurs en route, the body is usually returned to the country of origin. Return costs will be covered by insurance. In addition there are options for burial and cremation on site with costs covered by insurance.
  5. Baggage Delay
    Generally, the insurance will provide the sum insured if the baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours.
  6. Travel Problems
    Insurance also provides coverage if there is a delay (delay) of more than 12 hours. If your down payment is forfeited due to things that are out of control, then this is also covered by insurance.
  7. House Fire
    Sometimes the house will be left empty during the trip. If a fire occurs while traveling, the insurance will cover the risk.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an insurance product that specifically covers the health or care costs of the members of the insurance if they fall ill or have an accident.

There are two types of treatment offered by insurance companies, namely:

  1. Inpatient
    Hospitalization is a medical service process in which the patient is hospitalized. The inpatient room is where the patient is treated. This room is usually in the form of a ward occupied by 1 or more people (depending on the type of room class taken).
  2. Outaptient
    Outpatient is a medical service to patients for observation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and other health services without requiring the patient to stay in the hospital (hospitalized).

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is insurance coverage for insurance policyholders for a certain period of time. If there is a risk of death during the insurance contract, the insurer will pay the sum insured.

Term Life Insurance is divided into 2 types:

  1. Whole Life Insurance
    Lifetime Life Insurance is a Permanent Life Insurance that provides lifetime protection for a person.
  2. Endowment Life Insurance
    Endowment Life Insurance is life insurance that provides 2 benefits at once, namely:
    a. Receipt of the sum insured upon death in accordance with the validity period of the policy.
    b. Receipt of the sum insured when the policy holder is still alive and the policy validity period ends.
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